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The mission of the duPont Manual/Meyzeek Regional Science Fairs, Inc. is to stimulate, promote and develop interest in science; to educate the students of Meyzeek in scientific discovery; to ensure that Meyzeek’s talented students are recognized, rewarded, encouraged, and supported by the community; and to build awareness in the community of the importance of celebrating scientific discovery.


Science Fair work has begun in our classrooms.  Need help with Science Fair?  Introducing the NEW Science Fair Club!  This club meets on Wednesdays after school from 3-3:45.  Each meeting covers a specific topic.  You can come to as many or as few as you would like.  Signup is requested to provide the best experience.  




Science Fair Categories for Middle School are:

  1. Animal Sciences (ANIM)
  2. Behavioral and Social Sciences (BEHA)
  3. Biochemistry (BCHM)
  4. Biomedical and Health Sciences (BMED)
  5. Biomedical Engineering (ENBM)
  6. Cellular & Molecular Biology (CELL)
  7. Chemistry (CHEM)
  8. Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (CBIO)
  9. Earth and Environmental Sciences (EAEV)
  10. Embedded Systems (EBED)
  11. Energy:  Chemical (EGCH)
  12. Energy:  Physical (EGPH)
  13. Engineering Mechanics (ENMC)
  14. Environmental Engineering (ENEV)
  15. Materials Science (MATS)
  16. Mathematics (MATH)
  17. Microbiology (MCRO)
  18. Physics and Astronomy (PHYS)
  19. Plant Sciences (PLNT)
  20. Robotics and Intelligent Machines (ROBO)
  21. Systems Software
  22. Translational Medical Science (TMED)




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