2018-19 PTSA Fundraiser Goal

The theme of this year's fundraiser is Celebrating Diversity at Meyzeek!
 The PTSA Goal for fundraising this school year is to complete the purchase of Chromebooks for each team. Our school-wide fundraiser raised $25,055 of the $30,000 goal.
6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
 Olympians – $4,147 Champions – $1,245   Team VIP - $731 
Explorers –  $2,903 Prisms - $960 Scholars - $520 
Ivy League – $892  Innovators - 520 Greeks –  $380 

The PTSA would like to thank all of the students for their hard work on this year’s fundraiser and the student’s families, friends and community members for their contributions.


Your continued support is always appreciated as we continue to work toward fully outfitting our classrooms with needed technology!





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